Are you looking to know how you can have a good time with a topless waitress Perth features? We’ve compiled some useful tips that could come in quite handy.

The following Top 10 Tips will ensure the best from your topless waitress Perth

Warm Welcome…

Warmly welcome your female entertainer! Sounds ridiculously obvious but a warm welcome from all the boys at the Bucks Party will instantly endear her to you. So often we hear of girls arriving either to be greeted with lewd, sleezy, almost scary jeers, comments bordering on insults, and boisterous bravado – imagine how aggressive that must come across to a girl walking into a room full of boozy lads she’s never met! Of course, she is expecting shouts of delight and a bit of brazen language and fun boisterousness but not grabby, sleazy, or derogatory behavior.

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Again, it sounds obvious, but it happens then, and the guys wonder why their bargirl or performer seems like an ice-queen after the first few minutes. By the same token, there’s no need to be shy and timid around her either – show some genuine interest and that you are excited that she is there. If you are super nice and come across as a fun-loving, easy-going bunch she won’t freeze over and it will pay dividends! She will want to party with you, not for you!

Make sure your Party Girls are comfortable

Have you ever known any female that likes to get nude or even partially naked in the cold?? Noooo way! They will rug up as soon as a fridge door is opened half an inch so be sure to make the room warm – in fact, put the heater on to maximum and make it downright hot! No matter whether you have a striptease artist or lingerie waitress booked, if the room is hot she will be only too keen to remove her clothes and keep them off!! If it’s cold she will of course still do her routine but the second it’s over her clothes will be back on quicker than fresh bird poo on a clean car!

Pay Her Upon Arrival…

Pay your Perth topless waitress or Stripper upfront upon her arrival. Get the business part of the evening out of the way immediately so that there are no awkward moments at the end of the night when all the goodies are being said. Once she has been paid she will totally relax and the rest of the night can flow far better. The worst thing for a Female Entertainer is to have to worry about her money or worse still, having to ask for it at the end – have it ready!

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Changing Room…

Give them a place to change and leave their stuff. Your Female topless waitress Perth or Stripper can’t always turn up in their lingerie or full costume (for obvious reasons!) so have somewhere available for her to get changed like a bedroom. A bathroom will do of course but a bedroom would be better. And don’t wander in and out of there unless she invites you in!

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy…

Organize somewhere private if at all possible! Again this may sound obvious but if you are hiring Female Strippers or hiring Topless Waitresses for your Bucks the more private the setting the crazier they can get and the more fun you will certainly all have. Use your brain – if you just organize a corner of a restaurant or a roped-off area of a nightclub where all the other patrons can see then undoubtedly she will only do the bare minimum which is understandable. That’s why hotel rooms, totally private restaurant or hotel function rooms, private houses, and apartments are by far the best options because they are totally private. It really pays off to think about these things in advance! If you book somewhere that is not totally private you cannot expect her to give you the most full-on strip show, lap dance, or even think about using her toys!! Think boys think!

Book Via an Agent…

Always book your topless waitresses through a reputable agency. When you book through a more well-known and well-established agency like The Flashing Lights you can be far more certain that the girls will be of a decent standard and trained to enhance your evening. Plus, they are much more likely to turn up! If you book an individual girl from somewhere like What’s App or Facebook and they decide to cancel at the last minute there’s a very good chance that you will be left with no one, and that’s if they bother to even let you know they aren’t coming – it happens ALL the time. An agency, like The Flashing Lights, is far more likely to give you much better service when booking and will ensure that you are not left high and dry on your big night. Don’t take the risk – book with confidence!


Be Respectful! We all love to have fun and get a bit crazy with the girls but be respectful and make sure that they feel they are in a safe environment – the safer they feel the more they will let their hair down and party with you. If you have any of those friends that become even slightly aggressive when drinking, overly sleazy, or pushy for things the girls don’t want to do, shut him down immediately because otherwise everything will go south very quickly and the performers might even leave. Happy girls are fun girls – if they feel safe they will have drinks with you and loosen right up otherwise they will do their best to stay sober – so guess what… keep ‘em happy!


Be sure to have some shot glasses, salt, lemon, and some tequila (or a shot of your choice of course) lying around because once you have a topless waitress’s trust, she will usually let you use various parts of her body for doing shots from! It would be a shame not to have the ingredients readily available and therefore miss out on this time-honored tradition. It will depend on the girl but the ideal version is to have her lying on a table so that you can lick salt off her boobs, then the shot from her belly button, and finishing with the lemon from her mouth! Incredibly, so many bucks don’t organize these basic things that can enhance the Bucks Night no end and often lead to even more craziness! Guys, get your shit together beforehand!

Extra Cash!

It’s always recommended to have a bit of extra cash available for things like last-minute Lap Dances etc! Some girls will even do Private Shows but without extra dosh, you can forget it! You may not think you would bother with a lap dance but believe us, once she is there and you are all revved up with the lads it’ll be inevitable! Even if you just have enough to pay for the Buck or Birthday Boy to have one it’ll be worth it! Also, you might find that if you have booked a lingerie Waitress or a topless waitress you will want her to be a Completely Nude Waitress for the last hour – not all girls will do this but if you don’t have extra cash with you – they definitely won’t!! So, have some extra just in case!


Compliments go a long way! Keep her feeling good with a few well-placed remarks and follow all the tips above. On many occasions Topless Waitresses and Female Strippers will stay on and party with you if they are having fun and you are a good bunch – so our advice… be a good bunch!

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